Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Amar_Coordinator (SAP)_HCL Infosystems Ltd

Hi, This is Amar Bhave. I am currently working with HCL INFOSYSTEMS LTD as a Coordinator. I've been using the SAP (SD) software there.

Introduction about SAP :-

SAP basically stands for System Analysis and Program Development. It was founded in 1972 by five IBM engineers. Its world largest business software company & the 3rd largest independent software provider in terms of Revenue.

SAP Modules :-

Nowadays most of the companies using this software to have a growth in the market. There are various modules under the SAP like SAP SD which stands for Sales and Distribution, SAP FI i.e. Financial Accounting, SAP AM (Asset Management), SAP HR (Human Resourse), SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and so on. There are 99 Modules.

My Profile :-

As I said I am using SAP SD Module over there, I take the Purchase Order, Sales order of various companies and make their CC (Customer Codes, Bill Material etc through SAP) It is one of the most important SAP modules and is the key module in the Order-to-Cash business process. Data entry processes related to the SD module offer some of the best opportunities for automation using Winshuttle software. SAP consists of various commands or tools by which I used to maintain the Companies data, its codes, its orders of PC's , LAPTOPS, billing documents, sales data and so on. For each & every company data there are tools like VA05 to display SALES DOCUMENT, ZCCC to create a Customer Code, ZSDI to have a complete data of the companies like its orders, when it will be delivered to customers place, its shipment date and so on. There are many tools which focuses on different companies data.

Sales and distribution SAP Tools :-

This is a Screenshot of SD module when you loggin. Here you find the box above SAP Easy Access. There we have to put below commands for various purposes like customer creation, PO, SO, etc.

* New customer master creation (XD01) (ZCCC)

* Customer master changes – credit terms, block/unblock status, address, sales hierarchy, partner functions (XD02)

* Pricing conditions creation and changes including customer-specific pricing (VK11, VK12, VK14)

* Sales orders and credit memos creation, including those received directly from customers, distributors, resellers, or sales orders collected in other systems (VA01)

* Changes in sales orders/quotes – changes in pricing, delivery dates, quantities, items, location (VA02)

* Contracts and rebate agreement creations (VA41/VA42)

Benefits :-

1) SAP increases the market share and , increased business by virtue of AMCs. (Annual Maintainance Contract)
2) Implementer gets business and people working at client side will build their resume.
3) Hardware manufacturer gets their share of business without any effort.
4) one data flows across all domains.
5) Visibility of data.
6) Visibility of inventory/accounts/MIS for better control.
7) Planning and automated working avoiding procedural hurdles for various domains like purchase/production/sales etc.
8) Inter-connectivity with other applications of PDM/SCM/CRM.

View on Some of the tools how it helps to the Companies :-

* VA 05 - Display Sales Documents

* VB13 - Material Determination

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Amar Bhave